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Meet The Experts On iPhone Glass Repair

When you’re faced with the choice of buying a new phone; the best option would be the iPhone because it’s a real winner in the world of smartphones. At long last, after having finally saved enough to buy yourself an iPhone; you’re now feeling absolutely ecstatic! Except, of course, when you’re faced with the catastrophe… of a cracked screen! About 21% of all customers coming for iPhone repairs present us with shattered screens In spite of having such a crucial repair problem which affects the user’s ability to maintain one’s business work or connect comfortably with friends and family. Many people still don’t opt to have the screen repaired as it seems to be overly expensive. We are the right people for the job! We offer you a 100% guaranteed satisfaction repair work at reasonable prices. Our staff possesses the best expertise and is very well qualified for the job as we don’t take any risks when it comes to hiring the right person! Many of our customers have expressed their pleasure and gratitude for allowing us to solve their screen sorrows. Here’s to mention just a few:
  1. Randy M. Sherman Oaks of Los Angeles said that he was pleased to have his screen repaired in just half an hour!
  2. Anna K. of Tarzana dropped her phone and said she was told to return after an hour. When she returned she was surprised to have her phone restored to her as good as new.
  3. And much more! Try us and add your name to our list of testimonials!
Our staff is the best in the area and do fast repairing jobs! Walk in anytime and be assured of excellent service with a 90 days warranty period. If you have any complaints about either our doorstep service or walk-in service, just contact us and we will have another repair appointment arranged for you in no time! We aim for full customer satisfaction at all costs! To make you feel more comfortable, let’s explain what we do in order to “heal” your iPhone:
  • We make a complete and thorough assessment of the problems caused by the shattered screen; hindering the correct functioning of your phone.
  • Use a screwdriver to gently loosen up the damaged screen.
  • With the help of pre-tested methods and cleaners, the cracked screen is removed.
  • A metal plate, located underneath the screen is carefully unscrewed from your device.
  • Finally, specific cables will be rearranged to accommodate the new screen; we test the home button to make sure everything is in perfect order. All screws are now replaced and your device returned to you!
Contact us for any further query and we’ll make sure to take care of your worry!

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